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"Don't be such a snob!"
— Yes Man Junior (in the Arcade in Onett)

Yes Man Junior, known in Japan as Luck-Pushing Kid, is one of the first enemies encountered by Ness in EarthBound. These guys are one of the three main members that make up the Sharks Gang. They are the weakest members of the group, since they have relatively low HP, and their hula-hoop attacks either miss or deal low to moderate damage. They can group up with Skate Punks and Pogo Punks.


They look like boys, with a shark fin at the top of their heads, dressed and colored purple, they have a rib-cage on his outfit, and wear hula-hoops.


It can be inferred from their name that they'll do anything anyone says, and that's probably how they joined in the first place. They also seem to be less aggressive as their fellow gangsters, as one of them doesn't directly attack you upon talking with him.


One of these gang members guards the door to the back of the arcade, and will ask you if you would like to join the Sharks. If you say yes, he will break the fourth wall and say to come back after you finish the game. If you say no, he'll tell you not to be such a snob and attack you.


  • Bash - The Yes Man Junior bashes a foe, dealing low-level damage to one party member.
  • Laugh Hysterically - The Yes Man Junior flies into hysterics, laughing his head off, dealing no damage to the party members at all.
  • Swing His Hula Hoop - The Yes Man Junior swings his hula hoop, dealing low to moderate damage to one party member.
Yes man junior with background

Yes man junior as seen in game


  • They are the only main members of the gang to not have punk in their names.