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The Yado Inn, later known as Hotel Yado, is a place in Tazmily Village. It's a place where you can rest and heal yourself and party in the first three chapter of Mother 3.

Yado old Ext

The exterior of the Yado Inn from Chapters 1-3.


Spoilers: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Yado Inn is in Tazmily Village. It's owned by Jackie and his wife Betsy, with Tessie working there as well. There are three rooms: one room has a Save Frog, one has nothing, and one has a resting place. In Chapter 1, Lighter, Fuel, and Bud and Lou take up residence in the inn after their home burns down. In Chapter 3, Salsa and Fassad rest in the second room. In the 3-year timeskip, Yado Inn has become a full-fledged, multi-story hotel. However, the player is no longer able to save their progress or restore their party by this point.

At the end of Chapter 7, the hotel's patronage and staff leave for New Pork City. Hotel Yado is left in the hands of a penniless straggler who holed up in his room after running out of money.

In EarthBound 64, Yado Inn would have had the same functions as the final version, but with a saloon-like appearance.

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  • Ironicaly enough, the name "yado" is "inn" in Japanese.