"Ninten, Welcome... I always believed that you would find your way here. Your Great-Grand Mother Maria's love was scattered, scattered in the form of melodies. I have a melody for you. Listen and remember..."
— XX Stone
XX Stone

The XX Stone is a gravestone that is found in EarthBound Beginnings. It is located right next to Giygas' lair at the pinnacle of Mt. Itoi, and is also where the final piece of the Eight Melodies is received.

When the party arrives at the peak of Mt. Itoi, checking the tombstone will reveal a crystalline figure as a voice welcomes Ninten. The voice then tells him that it always believed they would make it and explains what the Eight Melodies are. After that, the final part of the Eight Melodies plays, and the crystal splits up again. The crystal's glow then bathes Ninten and his friends before dissipating, restoring all HP and PP and curing any status ailments.

Even after Ninten and his friends learn the final part of the Eight Melodies, they can repeat the scene again by checking the tombstone. After the scene ends again, they will be completely healed. This can be done multiple times, thus the stone can be used as a healing point.

In the original Famicom release, Queen Mary is actually where the eighth part of the melody is learned, as she warps the party directly to her once the seven are found. Therefore, the XX Stone serves little purpose in this version.

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