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"An animated tree with suspicious actions."
— Description

Woodohs are enemies found in EarthBound Beginnings. They are only found in Magicant.


Its battle theme is Battle With a Dangerous Foe.

Groups with[]

  • Woodoh (x3)


  • Attack - The Woodoh attacks a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Sowed its seed - The Woodoh makes another Woodoh appear in battle.
  • Tried PSI Block - The Woodoh uses PSI Block in a party member, blocking all their PSI moves.


  • They bear a resemblance to Sudowoodo from the Pokémon franchise, which was co-created by Ape Inc. (later Creatures Inc.)
  • Multiple forms of this enemy can be found in later installments of the franchise, such as Mother 3's Tree and Earthbound's Territorial Oak.