"I was going to ask you to be my partner, but I know you'll refuse. It's written all over your face. If you accepted, I was going to give you some money. Actually, I can't keep the money now anyway. Let me give this to you. It's 10,000 dollars. Use the money any way you like. You cannot refuse my generosity. Just accept it. Now I plan on looking for the evil Mani Mani Statue that Lier X. Agerate unearthed in Onett. I'll see you at another time, in another space."

The Wad of bills is a key item in EarthBound. It is given to Ness and Paula by Everdred after defeating him in Burglin Park. While Everdred's speech and the description of the Wad of bills imply that the money is counterfeit, Ness gives it to the manager of the Chaos Theater to free the Runaway Five from their debt, who will return the favor by taking Ness and Paula in their van through the haunted Two-Three Tunnel that they could not otherwise travel through.

This item is similar to the Diamond appearing later in the game, as it is again used to free the Runaway Five from a debt to the manager of a theater — this time, in Fourside's Topolla Theater.

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