Union Station

Union Station (サンタクロースえき, Santa Claus Station in Mother) is a train station in EarthBound Beginnings that connects the towns of Merrysville, Reindeer, Spookane, and Snowman. It also once connected to Youngtown via the track going to the east, however the bridge on the way there was destroyed.

Ninten and Lloyd needed to head to Duncan's Factory to fire off a rocket in order to destroy boulders resting on the track going southward, which allows trains to once more travel south. Riding the train allows for traversing the train tunnels without running into its deadly enemy encounters; Energy Robots, Nancy, Omega Saucers, Scorpions, Bionic Scorps and Ultra Barbots.

The station in Reindeer has an old lady who found a hat on the train embroidered with the name "Ana," which Ninten can then give to Ana in Snowman to have her join his party.

The song that plays while riding a train is titled The Paradise Line, which is sung vocally in the Mother soundtrack.

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