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Unconsciousness (sometimes known as faintness) is a status ailment present in all three games in the Mother series. Party members are rendered unconscious when their HP drops to 0. In EarthBound and Mother 3, because of the rolling health odometer, a character is only rendered unconscious when the meter reaches 0; if the fight ends or if the character is healed before it reaches 0, they will survive.

Unconscious characters cannot take actions in battle: they cannot fight, use PSI or defend themselves, and cannot be the target of enemy attacks. If all characters end up unconscious, the Game Over. This state is essentially equivalent to the "dead" state in many other RPGs, but due to the Mother series' nature, such a term isn't often used.

Diamondization (and Stone in EarthBound Beginnings) is mechanically identical to being instantly KO'd, although the Diamondized/Stoned character retains all HP and PP.


If the current party leader is rendered unconscious, the next character in line that is not unconscious will take his/her place in front of the party. In Mother and EarthBound, unconscious party members take the form of spirits with wings and halos that follow behind the conscious members of the party. In Mother 3, fallen characters will follow the rest of the party, but with their heads down in complete exhaustion, disabling the dashing ability.

Ways to regain consciousness[]

Visiting a hospital is guaranteed to recover fainted characters. PSI Healing γ or Ω (or Supr in EarthBound Beginnings) can also be used to revive an unconscious character, although it might randomly fail to do so (Ω has a better success rate).

In addition, the following items can recover a fallen character:

In Mother 3, if a character gets Fever, they will regain consciousness with 1 HP.

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