The Unassuming Local Guy is an enemy in EarthBound. He only appears in Twoson, and encountered by Ness. He sells items in Happy Happy Village, and can be fought if you attempt to steal anything from his street shop. The Unassuming Local Guy appears as a red-haired man wearing a greenish-grey jacket with matching pants and shoes.

The Unassuming Local Guy's standard attack can deal low to moderate damage, and he can become "friendly and affectionate", which can solidify the party. He has relatively low HP and defense. His in-battle theme is similar to the Cranky Lady and the Pogo Punk (Battle Against a Weird Opponent).

Miscellaneous non-player characters that share the same overworld sprite appear elsewhere; one resembles Maxwell Labs, the resident scientist in the Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, and another can be found in the cafe in Fourside/Moonside.

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