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"Twoson has a modern, clean hotel. There is a hospital and the wonderful Chaos Theater. There is the Polestar preschool, and a nice bus station. If you're curious, you might want to check out Burglin Park. It's exciting. East of the town, you find the Peaceful Rest Valley. On the other side of the valley is Happy-Happy Village. There's also a pizza parlor. Do you want to know anything else? Well, tee hee, I don't know anything else."
— A Twoson resident

Twoson (/tuːsən/) is the second town to appear EarthBound. It is home to a number of characters in the game, among them Paula and her family, Apple Kid, and Everdred. It contains many buildings and places of interest such as Burglin Park and the vendors that can be found there, the Polestar Preschool, which Paula's parents manage, and the Chaos Theater, where the Runaway Five perform. Ness is allowed here after he has defeated Captain Strong. When he discovers that Paula has been kidnapped, he defeats Everdred in order to find her. When Everdred is defeated, he tells Ness that she is being held at Happy Happy Village.

Once Ness has rescued Paula, he receives a Wad of bills from Everdred. Ness and Paula use this to pay off the Runaway Five's debt with the manager of the Chaos Theater, Mr. Poochyfud. As a reward, the Runaway Five drive them to Threed using loud music to ward off the ghosts.

The Twoson Star has a headline saying "In Twoson, Nintendo's eight-bit system, the NES, makes a comeback!" that implies both the company and game system exist within the game.


Twoson is surrounded by thick forests on its north, west, and south sides, and it borders a set of mountains on its eastern side. To the northwest is the path leading to Onett, and to the south is the Two-Three Tunnel leading to Threed, which soon turns east and tunnels through the mountains that Twoson borders. It is blocked off by ghosts (which can be warded off using upbeat and cheerful music) until Master Belch is defeated. The town's layout is very spread out, with each road branching off of the previous one. Many buildings, such as the bicycle shop Punk-Sure and the Hotel retain the "Old West" style of architecture. Burglin Park, the outdoor flea market protected by Everdred, is slightly west of the center of town. Near the bus station is a dirt road that leads through a cave into the mountainous Peaceful Rest Valley, over a winding river, and through another cave into Happy Happy Village.




Twoson's name comes from the fact that it is the second city visited in the game: a sign in town says "Twoson-- we got this name because we weren't first." Its name may also be based on the actual city of Tucson, Arizona or Towson, Maryland. Based on Itoi's notes during the development of the series, Twoson itself was supposed to a "Los Angeles style" town.[1]

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