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"A lot of fertilizer and miracle-grow did nothing for this guy. Watch its eye - you may get Diamondized."
— Description

Trillionage Sprout is the guardian of the third "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound, Milky Well. The Trillionage Sprout is aided in battle by two Tough Mobile Sprouts, which can heal the Trillionage Sprout with LifeUp. This boss is the first enemy encountered by Ness and co. that can Diamondize party members, and is one of the very few enemies who can do so.


Its name is a contraction of the phrase 'Trillion age', in reference to its appearance: a withered sprout that has evidently survived for a relatively long span of time without maturing.


Text Displayed Power PP


Possible Effects
Glared with its eerie eyes N/A 0 Diamondizes, sometimes.
Paralysis α N/A 8 Causes Numbness to one player
Flash α N/A 8 85% crying, 15% strangeness to all players
PSI Shield α N/A 8 Halves all PSI damage to 1 target (itself)
Attacks Low 0 Damages one target


Trillionage Sprout is immune to Paralysis, so it cannot be cut off like Mondo Mole. It doesn't help that its entirely likely to start this battle being Mushroomized due to the high concentration of mushroom enemies throughout the dungeon. If all of your party has a bad case of the 'shrooms, it might be worth it to use an exit mouse and try again before losing this fight. At least you'll make some money off it. If only one or two are mushroomized then it shouldn't be too difficult, just avoid using powerful PSI or bottle rockets with that character. Overall the battle isn't too difficult as long as you avoid being diamondized, which is up to luck. Fire hits all enemies, so use it to take out the Tough Mobile Sprouts while also dealing large damage to Trillionage Sprout. It is also a good idea to equip Great or Travel charms to avoid being paralyzed.


  • The Official Player's Guide says that the Trillionage Sprout is the true boss of the zombies, stating that it's the source of all the darkness in Threed. This technically isn't the case, as the route in Milky Well is optional and the player can go to Threed after defeating Master Belch.
  • The name "Trillionage" is unlikely to be literal, as one trillion years is far older than the estimated age of the universe.
  • The Sprout's description mentions "miracle-grow". Miracle-Gro is a brand of plant fertilizer.