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Tragic Reconstruction is a battle theme in Mother 3. This melancholic melody reflects the Pigmask's modification of the once natural creatures to horrible chimeras. It first plays when battling against the Reconstructed Caribou. This marching song is consisted mostly of drums and trumpets, with an easy rhythm.

Tragic Security[]

Tragic Security is the harder variant. It normally plays when battling against security chimeras. The difference is that at certain points, the song gradually speeds up. These points happen at 0:06, 0:13, 0:20 and 0:26. It also tricks the player by happening at 0:52, when the player least expects it. This music also plays when fighting the unused boss Rope Snake (Claus background).

Barren Factory[]

Barren Factory (AKA Shut Down or Abandoned Factory) is an almost scary-sounding choir remix of Tragic Reconstruction that plays after the Clayman Factory on the highway is abandoned in late Chapter 7. While the song is not unused, it is often missed due to the fact that most players do not check out the Clayman factory at that point.

BzZZzT! Even In My Dreams![]

BzZzT! Even In My Dreams! is a song in Mother 3. It is a remix of Tragic Reconstruction, with distorted electrocution noises. It plays after Fassad wakes Salsa up in the middle of the night.


  • This song appears to be based on the opening melody of the second movement of Beethoven's Symphony No. 3 in Eb Major "Eroica", also known as Beethoven's Funeral March.
  • It also appears to have a semblance to Audacious March, possibly being a remix of it.