"Hello! This is Escargo Express. Oh, is that you, Ness? Big Bro! It's me, Tracy. I'm working part-time for Escargo Express. What can I do for you?"
— Tracy

Tracy is a character in EarthBound. She has a close relationship with her older brother Ness and their Parents. Shortly after Ness's adventure begins, she starts working part-time at the Escargo Express, and answers the phone when he calls to pick up or store items. If a party member leaves the party with an important item, she will call to notify Ness that the member left the item with her, regardless of the circumstances in which the party member leaves (for example, if Poo has the Hawk Eye when he is summoned to his training, Tracy will hold it for Ness at Poo's request). In Magicant, Tracy can still store and retrieve items, while also informing Ness about the Sea of Eden. After the defeat of Giygas, she ceases to work for Escargo Express.


Tracy is the youngest member of her family. She has an older brother named Ness, and unnamed parents, being her unnamed mother and unnamed father.


Tracy has yellow hair like her mother. She wears a red tie behind her hair, similar to Paula. Tracy has the similar hairstyle as Paula as well. She wears a white shirt with red overalls, with yellow(Or gold)buttons on it. She wears red shoes.