"The first major enemy you'll encounter on this journey is the Titanic Ant. To sink it, you'll have to use both PSI attacks and regular Bash attacks."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Titanic Ant, known as Giant Ant in Japan, is the guardian of the first Your Sanctuary location in EarthBound, Giant Step. It resembles a large Black Antoid, and was probably altered by the power of Giant Step. It is accompanied in battle by two Black Antoids. 

The Gigantic Ant, a palette swap of the Titanic Ant, appears much later in the game.


The Titanic Ant can use both PSI moves and physical moves.

Text Displayed Power PP required Possible Effects
Magnet α N/A 0 Steals PP
Shield α N/A 6 Makes a Shield
Defense Down α N/A 6 Lowers 1 party member's defense
Used a biting attack! Low N/A Damages one enemy
Used a biting attack! High N/A Damages one enemy


  • The Titanic Ant, unlike the Gigantic Ant, has no vulnerability to Fire or Freeze. This is most likely because it is impossible to have Paula at this point.
  • It does however carry over its 50% resistance on Flash, Paralysis, and Hypnosis, along with a 90% immunity to Brainshock. Not that you'll have these moves while fighting it.
  • It has 2 physical moves of different power that have the same text. That's mean!
  • It is not unlikely for the Titanic Ant to get a SMAAAASH!! with its more powerful attack, which can destroy Ness in one hit. HP scrolling and Hamburgers are your friend in this fight!
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