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The Threed Tent Glitch (also known as the Check Area Glitch) is a bug in EarthBound. It is accessed by checking the bottom right corner inside the Zombie Relief Corps Tent in the center of Threed. By pressing the L Button repeatedly in the corner, many different text glitches can occur.


The entire map of EarthBound. Note that the Zombie Relief Corps tent room is on the bottom right corner of the map. The edge of room is right on the edge of the image.

The entire map of EarthBound is on one ginormous 8,000 x 10,000 image. On the bottom right corner is the Threed tent. While this may seem not that important, the corner where the glitch occurs is at the very edge of the image. The game will try to see what's to the east of Ness, but sometimes the game will find something outside of the field of play. Afterward, the game tries to process something that doesn't exist, and once that happens, various glitches happen on screen.


If you are going to try out this glitch yourself, follow these precautions:

  1. Save your game beforehand. Better yet, if you can, make a restore/suspend point. Some of the results from this glitch can both lead to forced resets, as well as deeply affect your game progress.
  2. Prepare for flashing lights and flickering text. Seizures are possible from this glitch.


Text Glitches[]

Random Text Checks[]

Sometimes the game will perform a quick text test after many checks.

The q's[]

The game will fire a long line of q's constantly without stop. After at least 20 seconds of this, the line ends with "0a", followed by a "QA". After the player enters the text arrow, the game performs a quick text test. This is a common result from the Tent Glitch.

Indefinite P Text Check[]

The game will rapid a fire of P's, quickly followed by an "OO", and then a short text check. Note that the background music is turned off. This is a repeated process that never ends, and forces you to reset the game, or resave your restore point.

Debug Menu[]

The debug menu can open when doing this glitch.

Warp to Jackie’s Cafe[]

Another result when trying this glitch is warping to Jackie’s Cafe in a tough spot to get out of, though it is unknown why this happens, perhaps Jackie’s Cafe is listed as 0 internally for warp data, so it sends you there?