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The outside of Thomas's Bazaar

Thomas's Bazaar, later known as Thomas's Shop, is a shop in Mother 3. It's run by Thomas and his family, providing various goods to the people of Tazmily.

Chapters 1-3[]

Thomas's Bazaar is found in the square of Tazmily Village, west of the Yado Inn. Thomas runs the shop, though Mike temporarily mans the bazaar while Thomas and his family attend Hinawa's funeral. You can pick up random things there from a Nut to the rare Better Stick. You can also get equips, bombs, and other goods. Also, the only time you can actually get something from the bazaar is in Chapter 1, the second half of Chapter 2, and certain portions of Chapter 3. In the first part of Chapter 2, it's nighttime, and in Chapter 3, Thomas won't let Salsa touch the merchandise unless Fassad is in the party. As Tazmily Village has never had any need for money, all the merchandise is free.

Ancient Banana[]

  • Inflicts minor damage to an enemy.


  • Removes Poison status


  • Remove Numbness status

Better Stick[]

  • Strong weapon for Flint. Rather rare.

Edible Mushroom[]

  • Heals 20 HP

Flea Charm[]

  • Adds 5 to Defense. Equipped on the body.

Fresh Milk[]

  • Heals 80 HP.

Innit Tea[]

  • Heals 15 HP


  • Heals 5 HP

Running Bomb[]

  • Damages all enemies

Chapters 4-7[]

Thomas now works at the Clayman Factory, so his son Nichol can sometimes be seen running the store. He sells:

-Kids Shirt

-Kids Hat


-Paper Fan

-Alarm Cicada

Towards the end of Chapter 7, the shop is one of the few visitable buildings in Tazmily, as most villagers have left for New Pork City.