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Duster's Thief Tools are key items that appear in Mother 3. They are usable via his special command as early as Chapter 1.

The Wall Staples are available from the moment Duster is introduced, and the Rope Snake is obtained in Chapter 2 from ghosts inside of Osohe Castle. The rest of the Thief Tools are given to Duster by Wess prior to his trip into the castle.

List of items[]

Item - Wall Staples
Wall Staples Pins down enemies in battle, and can be used to scale certain walls.
Item - Hypno-Pendulum
Hypno Pendulum Puts certain enemies to sleep, though it has a lower success rate than Hypnosis.
Item - Siren Beetle
Siren Beetle Makes enemies turn around, and wakes up any sleeping enemies.
Item - Smoke Bomb
Smoke Bomb Causes an enemy to start crying. It has a lower success rate than PSI Flash.
Item - Scary Mask
Scary Mask Frightens an enemy to lower their offensive power.
Item - Tickle Stick
Tickle Stick Tickles a foe to lower their defensive power.
Rope Snake
Rope Snake A talking snake that can be used to swing across gaps.