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"Stealing cheese, chewing power cords... This bad boy's done it all. Has a wife and seven kids."
Battle Memory
"Squeak SQUEAK! (Whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold it right there! Just where do you think YOU'RE goin'?!)"
— The Squeekz

The Squeekz is a optional mini-boss in Mother 3, the father of the waylaid Highway mice and husband of their distressed mother. After pulling Doria's needle, he bumps into Lucas and co. south of Doria's house and battles them because of the collision. In battle, The Squeekz is much lowerleveled than the player's intended level, but is still able to steal items from you. After defeating him, he thanks them for helping him remember who he truly is, and departs to be with his family.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 28 which falls under Code Numbers 520 for regular attack, 521 for Smaaaash! and 522 for Miss.

Unused Data[]

When encountered in-battle, The Squeekz can only be seen from the front. However, in the game's coding he has an unused back sprite with distinct similarities to the back sprite of the Greedier Mouse.

There are also unused lines in the game that imply that The Squeekz was originally going to be fought outside the Chimera Laboratory before Lucas and co. enter the building for the first time. There is a first line where he threatens to make them hurt, then the rest are him telling the party what he's heard about the building and pleading for them not to hurt or kill him; he makes no reference to any family whatsoever.


  • It is possible to avoid fighting him by discovering the mole cricket hole at any time before you encounter him.