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The Seventh Needle Mines is the final area in Mother 3.

As the name suggests, it is the location of the last of the Seven Needles, and is the result of the Pig Mask Army's attempts to uncover the final Needle. It is found far underneath the Empire Porky Building.

An ominous location, the caverns are tinted a lurid variety hue of purple, with elevated paths and cliffs above valleys of illuminated and violently charged mist. This is believed to be due to the extremely close presence of the Dark Dragon, and the excavation reaching the Dragon's powerful and nearly uncontrollable flow of energy beneath the Nowhere Islands, while the vast majority of its needles has dispelled its seals on its power, drastically effecting the mine caverns' environment. Due to this, otherwise inanimate objects and forces have been given life of their own by this erratic energy, and into extraordinary powerful and threatening chthonic mindless entities, making the mines an extremely dangerous and chaotic place to traverse.

As Lucas, Kumatora, Duster, Boney, and Flint go into its depths to reach the Seventh Needle, Pokey Minch and the Masked Man await them at its end, in a final confrontation over the Nowhere Islands and the existence of the world.



  • This area bears a striking resemblance to The Cave of the Past, the final area in Earthbound before the final boss. Possibly in play on its counterpart in the "past", the Seventh Needle Mines may be considered "The Cave of the Future", due to its placement in the Earthbound/Mother timeline.
  • The world sprites for the Fenomeno and the Minerali look very similar to the world sprites of the enemies found in The Cave of the Past in Earthbound.