"Pictures taken instantaneously! I'm a photographic genius, if I do say so myself! Okay, get ready for an instant memory! Look at the camera... Ready... Say, "fuzzy pickles.""
— The Camera Man
The Camera Man in action

The Camera Man getting ready to take a photo.

The Camera Man is a character in EarthBound. He is a photographer who spins down from the sky at important times to take pictures of Ness and his friends. Before taking a picture he tells the party to say "fuzzy pickles" as opposed to the common phrase, "cheese" (although in EarthBound's Japanese counterpart, Mother 2, he tells Ness to say "cheese sandwich"). Photographs of these occasions are shown behind the closing credits, but the pictures are semi-pre-generated standard images; the image will display the characters in Ness's party (including if they are Unconscious at the time) and any Teddy bears following the party, but places them in set positions regardless of their actual locations during the taking of the photo.

There are a total of 32 photographs that can be taken in EarthBound. Most photographs are taken when the party goes to a certain location or talks to a specific person. Some of the photos can be avoided (generally by avoiding the areas entirely or using Teleport α to run through them), but three are unavoidable.

Ness is the only member of the party who poses for these pictures, making a peace sign.

Physical Appearance

The Camera Man is human who wears a black tux and top hat. He has yellow hair and a beard, and wears a pair of glasses and is usually holding a camera.

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