A screenshot from Tenda Village.

Tenda Village (グミぞくの村, Gumi Tribe's Village) is a location in EarthBound. It is an area that can be reached after proceeding through Deep Darkness. The Tendas like to live here. A Death Ray can be found in a trashcan here. The Tendas are shy, with the exception of a single one; but when the leader is given a book about how to overcome shyness, the Tendas will then talk to Ness and friends and the way to Lumine Hall will be opened.

The village contains an inn that can be stayed at free-of-charge, as well as a shop. In contrast to other shops, this one does not take money and instead offers seven items in a predetermined order, which can be traded for in exchange for a Horn of Life. The shop offers a Plain Roll, Plain Yogurt, a second Plain Roll, Spicy Jerky, Bag of Dragonite, Talisman Coin and Hall of fame bat.

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