"...We're all shy. Rumor, I heard a book to fix shyness, there is. Where? Don't know. Just a rumor."
— A Tenda

The Tenda (Gumi) are a species appearing in EarthBound. They first appear in Tenda Village. This tribe of Tenda are extremely shy and will not talk to Ness until they are given the book of overcoming shyness. After doing so, the elder will give Ness the Tendakraut as thanks. A very physically strong Tenda moves a large rock out of the way to allow Ness and his friends to proceed to Lumine Hall.

The second tribe of Tenda, the lower tribe, are living in the Lost Underworld, who believe that the area outside their village is a cage containing the dinosaurs, despite the fact that the Lost Underworld actually surrounds the village. Unlike the upper ones from Tenda Village, the lower Tendas are extroverted. They allow Ness and his friends to enter after being given the Tendakraut. The lower Tenda tribe departed from the upper Tenda tribe because they thought they were too shy. They later regret leaving them.

A Tenda states at the end of the game that the two tribes are going to reunite.