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"He recently got into the unpredictable sport of Snowboard Cross. Get in his way and he'll get mad."
Battle Memory

The Ten-Yeti is an enemy in Mother 3. It is a snowboarding yeti that is often found sliding down the slopes of Snowcap Mountain at a considerable speed.

Its name is a pun on the snowboarding/skateboarding term '1080'.


The Ten-Yeti battle sound is Battle Sound 45 which falls under Code Numbers 894 for regular attack, 895 for Smaaaash! and 896 for Miss.

Groups with[]


  • Swung its plank of wood - The Ten-Yeti swings its plank of wood, inflicting damage to one party member. If a Chilly Dog is also in battle, it may swing it around to damage multiple party members.
  • Charged - The Ten-Yeti charges at one party member, inflicting more damage than when it swings its plank.
  • Sent its fleas flying - The Ten-Yeti send its fleas to one party member.