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Tazmily Village
Game Mother 3
Region Nowhere Islands

Tazmily Village (pronunciation: tats-MAHY-lee; Japanese: タツマイリむら; alternate spelling: Tazumili Village in the North American version of Brawl) is a town in Mother 3. It is home to a number of characters in the game, among them Lucas and his family, as well as Duster and Wess.

Tazmily Village

Tazmily Village Square. This is before the Pigmask Army strikes.

It is a very low-tech society until Pokey Minch and the Pigmask Army's invasion of the Nowhere Islands, when they introduce new technology and infrastructure to the region, including Tazmily.

Tazmily Village (Industrialized)

Tazmily Village Square. The town now has a more "Onett" feel to it.

In three years, the village is converted into a more urban setting, from being much more primitive and simple than Onett, to being extremely advanced, even bypassing Onett standards in some areas. However, the citizens begin moving out in droves once they begin to hear of New Pork City's glamorous, material lifestyle; in the end, Tazmily is abandoned completely, becoming a ghost town. The village's final fate is complete destruction when the Dark Dragon awakens from beneath the Nowhere Islands.

Synopsis and Founding[]

In Chapter 8, Leder explains the secrets of Tazmily village. Being that there is no one who talks about 100 or 1000 years ago, the absence of crime, the village's rural environment, and various factors. He explains that the villagers of Tazmily are survivors of a previous, huge civilization that was destroyed because of human development.

He further explains that the reason this is not remembered is because every person in Tazmily, except very young children, "brainwashed" themselves in order to believe that they had been living in a state of harmony there all their lives. They believed that their past lifestyle was the direct cause of the calamity that ruined their world. The people's memories of the past were locked away in the Egg of Light, or Hummingbird Egg, in the case that they might possibly need their past knowledge again. Only Leder retained his memories of the village's origin, along with any technology and knowledge from the previous civilization.

In conclusion, the village simply exists to become a utopia and continue that way indefinitely. However, due to the erasure of their past errors, the villagers became susceptible to manipulation, being unable to learn from their past mistakes. Falling to the folly of consumerism over care for their community, the village ultimately ends up abandoned as its citizens move to the bustling metropolis of New Pork City.



Inside a Building[]


  • According to MOTHER 3 Times, Tazmily Square would've been named "Idobata Square" in EarthBound 64, a translation of the name could something on the lines of "Wellside Square".
  • In EarthBound 64, Tazmily Village's residental area was to the east of the square.
  • From 1996-1998 the ground within Wellside Square was grassy, but in 1999 the grass was replaced with sand. The sand was replaced to have the grass later on in the same year.

Beta gallery[]

  1. The music of Alec's house on Mt. Oriander and Tazmily are shared.