The sword of kings in the Earthbound player's guide.

The Sword of kings (Japanese: おうじゃのつるぎ Sword of kings) is a weapon appearing in EarthBound that can be equipped by Poo. It is an extremely rare item only obtainable as a drop. It has a 1 in 128 (0.78125%) chance of being dropped by a Starman Super in the Stonehenge Base.


  • Equipping the Casey Bat makes it somewhat easier to get the Sword of Kings due to a higher chance of scoring Instant Wins.
  • The Sword of kings is the most infamous 1/128 drop item due to being the only weapon in the game that raises Poo's offense.
  • For some reason, Poo's attack command is still "Bash" when equipped with the Sword of Kings despite that you don't bash with a sword.

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