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The Sunshine Forest is a location in Mother 3. It is a large wooded area that stretches north of Tazmily Village. In Chapter 1, the Pigmask Army sets it on fire. During the fire it is infested with Mr. Battys, Yammonsters, and Fireflies. After the Fire, Mr. Battys can still be found at night, Yammonsters are replaced with Baked Yammonsters. A new enemy has also appeared: Mighty Bitey Snake can be found, along with more Flying Mice and Greedy Mice. The rare Beanling can also be found in the area that connects western Sunshine Forest to Lighter and Fuel's house. At the once used to be Lighter and Fuel's house, you may encounter the rare Soot Dumpling.

Sunshine Forest modern

A map of Sunshine Forest in Mother 3.

Flint heads into the forest fire to rescue Lighter and Fuel, but then returns to the forest after rain extinguishes the fire to make sure his family is safe.

Lighter and Fuel live in a cabin in the forest, which is damaged by the fire, and, sometime before Chapter 4, damaged further by lightning.

During the events of Chapter 4 and throughout the rest of the game, the player can encounter Slitherhens, Grated Yammonsters, Really Flying Mice and the even rarer Black Beanling.



  • There are two maps in the files of MOTHER 3 that are larger, unused versions of the Sunshine Forest. Both maps are the same as one another with the difference being that one of them isn't on fire and the other is on fire. Their file names suggest that there were never actually meant to be seen in-game outside of the unused version of the forest fire cutscene.
  • There was a pipeline running through the Sunshine Forest in EarthBound 64. This did not make it into the final game.
  • An scrapped enemy, possibly called the "Black Drago", inhabited the Sunshine Forest in EarthBound 64.