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"The sky's blue and the sun is high. The prices here are so high, it'll make your face turn blue! That's Summers!"
— A man in Summers

Summers (サマーズ Samāzu) is a seaside town in EarthBound. It is home to the Stoic Club, Summers hospital, Captain's Seaside Shop, a Museum, a 4-star Seaside Resort, a Seafood Restaurant, and a seemingly crowded beach, is situated in the west. A port and seaside houses covers up much of the eastern area. Enemies like Crazed Signs and Mad Taxis ravage their streets. Moles Playing Rough can occasionally be found on the beach, and if the player is extremely patient and/or extremely lucky, the absurdly rare Tough Guys and Over Zealous Cops can appear on the beach as well.

Summers has very high prices for their food, items, and hotel stays. Pokey Minch, being very rich by the time Ness and his friends get to Summers, apparently spent lots of money in the city.

The city is connected to the small port town of Toto.

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  • The "Summers" theme has a similar melody to Lonnie Liston Smith's jazz composition, "Quiet Moments." The song can be heard here. This is possibly Itoi's reference to American Jazz, or it was just a coincidence.
  • Losing a battle against either one of the Shattered Men in the museum after beating Giygas will cause a glitch to occur. This glitch was later fixed in Mother 1 + 2.
  • There may be a reference to The Simpsons on the billboard that Pokey wrote on to the right of the hospital. It has "eat my shorts" which was Bart Simpson's catchphrase at the time the game was translated. The phrase is also stated by the policeman in Fourside after Monotoli leaves his position in it.
  • There is possibly a reference to the city of Nice in France. The buildings in the front of the sea really looks like the luxury hotel of the Nice : Promenade des Anglais (like Le Negresco), the name of the hotel: "l'hotel du Summers" is a french name. Summers avenue have Palm trees, Nice's Promenade des Anglais too, Summers have a beach with blue laggon water, Nice too. The typicals houses of Nice have red/orange roof, East Summers' houses too. Nice have a big Marina, Summers too. On the Earthbound World map we can se that Summers is in the West part of Europe. Nice is in Europe.