Strong One is a battle theme in Mother 3. It usually plays when battling against strong opponents such as the Barrier Trio. Its time signature alternates every other measure between 5/4 and 5/8, and its beat pattern is deceptively tricky to perform combos with.

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Strong One (Masked Man)

Strong One (Masked Man) is a harder variation that only plays during the first battle against the Masked Man. (It is also used by the unused Pump Drago.) Unlike the original which maintained a constant tempo, the tempo in this variation erratically changes back and forth throughout each loop, with the abrupt speedup at the end of each cycle often giving the impression that one or more beats have been cut off.

Tempo cycle:

  • 124bpm for 3 quarter notes
  • 132bpm for 2 quarter notes
  • 121bpm for 2 eighth notes
  • 161bpm for 3 eighth notes
  • (repeat)

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