Steak is a favorite food of Ness by default in EarthBound. He, Tracy, Ness's Mother, and Ness's Father and King love steak just as much as Ness does. Ness's Mother asks Pokey if he likes steak, which he doesn't, then she says "T-O-O BAD!" and makes Pokey eat it anyway. Like PSI Rockin, this can also be named at the start of the game. There is no available description, because, unlike Omelets, it is not an item. This restores all HP and PP in the party, as Prime Ribs do. Using the Don't Care naming option in EarthBound, possible favorite foods are "Steak", "Pie", "Pasta", "Cake", "Eggs", "Bread", and "Salmon".

In EarthBound Beginnings, Ninten's favorite food is Prime Ribs, but it is not an obtainable item; it is only ever fed to Ninten and co. without appearing in their inventory. There is no default option, so the player has to manually name this food.

In Mother 3, the favorite food of Lucas by default is Omelets. This item is programmed into the game, but cannot be found during the course of regular gameplay; the Debug Room must be used to make the Omelets appear in the inventory of Lucas and co.