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The Stat change scale is basically a scale indicating how much a character or enemy's stats are affected by stat changes (such as DefenseUp). Basically, each use of Defense or Offense Up gives +1 to the "modifier" on the stat, whereas Defense or Offense Down gives -1 to the modifier. The modifiers affect the actual stat differently depending on how many there are. The first offense/defense up/down gives a 10% boost/penalty to the stat, the next two give 5% boosts/penalties, and the fourth and subsequent have no effect (they fail).

Table of modifiers[]

Original stat (example) Modifier Change to stat (percentage of original) Change to example stat New example stat
100 +3 +40% +40 140
100 +2 +30% +30 130
100 +1 +20% +20 120
100 0 (no changes) 0% 0 100
100 -1 -20% -20 80
100 -2 -30% -30 70
100 -3 -40% -40 60


The percentage always modifies the ORIGINAL stat; using Offense Up twice doesn't add 5% of 110; it adds 5% of 100. Offense Up and Offense Down interact as you would expect : one Offense Down cancels exactly one Offense Up. Note that abilities such as Duster's Scary Mask and the Tree's vacuum attack still only provide +1 or -1 to relevant stats: one can therefore negate an opponent's attack increase by using Offense Down on them once. For the purposes of calculating the amount to be added or removed, rounding is always down. So a stat of 104 would still gain 20 points after one boost, not 21. (105 would give 21, however)

Stat determining[]

An opponent's stat can be approximately determined by using Offense or Defense Down on them once, then multiplying the result by five. This is accurate to within five values (using Offense Down on a monster with anywhere between 100 and 104 will give a decrease of 20, so one cannot tell the difference between those five values). There are two main exceptions: A decrease of zero means that the stat is zero, and a decrease of 51 means that the stat is 255 (the natural maximum for any stat).

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