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"This gold plated robot is an enhanced version of the orininal Starman. It employs a lethal combination of beam and PSI magnet attacks. There is a one in 128 chance that the Starman Super carries the Sword of Kings. The Starman Super carries a transmiter and can call for assistance."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Starman Super is an enemy encountered in EarthBound. They are upgraded Starman that can only be found in the Stonehenge Base, and disappear after the Starman Deluxe is defeated, leaving a set window of opportunity to encounter them. They also drop the Sword of Kings, the ultimate and only weapon that Poo can equip.



Starman Super have the same overworld sprites as the Starman and Starman Junior, only having a different sprite in battle, where instead of being gray/silver, they're golden colored.


Starman Super, along with other Giygas' minions, can be found in Stonehenge Base while Ness and co. are exploring it. After they defeat Starman Deluxe, the Starman Super and the other minions reetreat, leaving the base empty.


Groups with[]


  • PSI Shield β - The Starman Super tries PK Shield β, protecting one of the enemies.
  • Fired a beam - The Starman Super fires a beam, inflicting about 80 hit points of damage to one party member.
  • Call for help - The Starman Super calls for help, and a Starman joins the battle.
  • Is on guard - The Starman Super defends the attacks on the turn.
  • PSI Healing Ω - The Starman Super tries PK Healing Ω, which can revive defeated allies.


  • Starman Super are vulnerable to PK Fire, PK Freeze.
  • At this point in the game, it might be possible to Ness and co. instant win the fight if they approach a single Starman Super from behind while the party is around Level 60 and Ness is using the Casey Bat.


  • The Starman Super is similar in appearance to the Last Starman in EarthBound Beginnings.
  • The Starman Super has the most infamous 1/128 drop item, due to the Sword of Kings being the only weapon in the game that actually raises Poo's offense.