"You're much stronger *whirrr* than our intelligence indicated... We were not *beep* prepared for that eventuality... The prophecy from the *click* Apple of Enlightenment may be true... but you must not *whirrr* underestimate us."
— Starman Deluxe

The Starman Deluxe is a boss in EarthBound. According to the EarthBound Player's Guide, it is a prototype that took so long to build that only one could be made. Upon its defeat, the captives being held in the base (Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, Tony, a Mr. Saturn, a Hippie and Sebastian of the Tessie-Watching Club) are freed.

The Starman Deluxe enters the battle with a PSI Shield β. During the battle, it can fire a beam, use PSI Starstorm α and get another PSI Shield β. It also has the ability to call for help and have a Starman or a Starman Super join the battle, but the defeat of the Starman Deluxe automatically results in the defeat of all the other Starmen and Starman Supers that joined the battle. Once it is defeated, all of it's henchmen retreat the Stonehenge Base and is never seen again.

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