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"Squawking Spiteful Crows dive-bomb out of bushes in Onett and elsewhere. Don't let them strike you from behind! Watch out for them and start the battle when you're face to face."
— Earthbound Player's Guide

Spiteful Crows, known in Japan as Detestable Crows, are enemies in EarthBound, found in various areas such as Northern Onett, Peaceful Rest Valley, and Winters. They are notable for being among the strongest of the game's early enemies. Spiteful Crows possess a very high Speed, in addition to the ability to steal items from the party. They can also peck at the party's eyes, and waste a turn with a big grin on their face.

Despite their strength level at such an early point in the game, Spiteful Crows can be beneficial to fight, as they always drop Cookies when defeated.

Towards the end of the game, Spiteful Crows, Coil Snakes, and Runaway Dogs will be replaced with stronger enemies, the Ghost of Starman, Evil Eye and the Mechanical Octobot.



  • Peck at target's eyes
  • Have a big grin on one's face
  • Steal something

Spiteful crow with background

Spiteful crow as seen in game