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"This enemy burns for your soul, but if you use PSI Freeze, you'll melt its heat."
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Soul Consuming Flame is an enemy in EarthBound in the Fire Spring.



It is a puddle of lava with a ghoulish face.


Groups with[]


  • Edged closer - The Soul Consuming Flame approaches, wasting one turn.
  • Spewed out a flaming fireball - The Soul Consuming Flame spew a fireball, dealing damage to one party member. Ness and Paula are more resistant to this attack.
  • Breathed fire - The Soul Consuming Flame breathes fire, dealing damage to all party members. Ness and Paula are more resistant to this attack.
  • Sprayed a line of fire - The Soul Consuming Flame sprays a line of fire.


  • It has insanely high offense, but it also has very low defense.
  • Since its defense is only 6, it's very easy to defeat with simple physical attacks.


  • Its defense was intended to be 262, which is listed as its defense in the official Player's Guide. However, the EarthBound battle engine cannot handle a defense rating higher than 255, so 256 becomes 0, 257 becomes 1, etc., and so 262 becomes 6.
  • It is one of the very few non-boss enemies to use the Sanctuary Guardian theme.