The Slot Machine Brothers (also known as the Sanchez Brothers) are characters in EarthBound and Mother 3. They consist of Pincho, Pancho and Tomas Jefferson. They wear square signs, which encircle their bodies and have different symbols on each side, to enable them to function as slot machines. The different symbols depicted on the signs are: an orange, when facing north, a red seven, when facing south, a lime, when facing west, and a blue equal sign, when facing east.

They are encountered in the Dusty Dunes Desert in EarthBound and New Pork City in Mother 3, respectively. Next to them is a broken slot machine, which when prompted, allows you to insert $1 and have the Brothers spin for a while, then stop. If all three icons match, you can win an item, depending on which icons you got. These items include:


Mother 3


  • The name of the brother Tomas Jefferson references the American Founding Father Thomas Jefferson who wrote the Declaration of Independence.
  • A seller located at the beach in Summers in EarthBound has the exact same sprite as the Slot Machine Brothers.
  • When a brother faces East in EarthBound a equal sign is visible. However the equal sign in Mother 3 has been changed into a "C". It is unknown why it has been changed.
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