"This creature is greatly troubled whenever it sees an egg. Should it warm it or swallow it? It can't make up its mind." - Battle Memory

Slitherhens are enemies in Mother 3, resembling snakes which have chicken heads. These creatures are first seen in Chapter 4 by Lucas and Boney in Sunshine Rainforest and the Railways of the Cross Road Station. Their known attacks are to peck an enemy (Since it's 1/5 chicken) and strangle the opponent to inflict Solidification (Since it's 4/5 snake) These enemies are classified as Chimeras made from the Chimera Lab. They can drop a Fresh Egg 5% of the time, and can be grouped with Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms, or other Slitherhens.

Its battle sound is Battle Sound 10 which falls under Code Numbers 466 for regular attack, 467 for Smaaaash! and 468 for Miss.


  • Their name is a portmanteau of the words "slither" and "hen". The translater confirmed that this is a reference to the house Slytherin from Harry Potter.
  • It's appearance might be based on the basilisk, a mix between a snake and chicken.
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