Slingshots are weapons that can be equipped, and appears in EarthBound Beginnings and Earthbound. These are one of the few weapons that can be shared among all party members, and replaces the bash command into the shoot command. There are at least two slingshots in each game, and can be bought at selected shops and department stores.

In Mother

There is only one slingshot, and is only bought at the third floor of the Podunk Department Store. It is bought for $120, and first bought by Ninten. It can be sold for $60. It increases the offense of Ninten and his party by 7. It has a higher offense stat than that of Ninten's bat, yet it misses 19% of the time.

In Earthbound

There are only two slingshots located, bought, and sold at each game. Depending on the user, it still increases the attack stat, and for some reason, Poo's offense is decreased, depending on the attack points it increases. Most slingshots miss 18.75% of the time. The Slingshots mentioned in Earthbound are:

  • Slingshot -- A standard slingshot. First bought and obtained by Ness in the Twoson Dept. Store, and bought for $89. It is sold for $44, and increases the offense of a party member by 12 points.
  • Bionic Slingshot -- An enhanced version of the standard slingshot. Obtained by Ness and co. in the Saturn Valley Shop for $449. This item can be sold for $224, and it increases the offense of a party member by 32 points.


  • This weapon doesn't make its appearance in Mother 3. The function of Yo-yos seem to replace the need for a slingshot.
  • An RPG (Role-Playing Game) equivalent for this item is possibly a bow and arrow.