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The Sky Runner in its EarthBound (left) appearance and Mother 3 (right) cameo

"Well, at least I asked... Mmmm... mmhmm okay. By the way, why are you here? Oh, I see. That girl named Paula must have sensed I was here. Ok, I'll try to help you out. I'm trying to make a Phase Distorter that can connect two points in space and time. It's still incomplete. I'll let you use another invention I call the Sky Runner. It's a little bit old but it'll certainly help. When you board, always listen for the message that comes from your destination. You'll get there for sure if you listen to the message. The round machine over there is the Sky Runner. What do you think? Isn't it neat? Get in! Let's get together again in 10 years or so."
Dr. Andonuts

The Sky Runner (known in Mother 2 as the Sky Walker) is a device that appears in EarthBound. It is solid grey in color, and its design resembles a stereotypical UFO, though much rounder, with an antenna, portholes, and two legs for landing gear. Dr. Andonuts designed and built this machine before the events of EarthBound, keeping it in his lab.

Its first use is by Jeff alone to travel from Winters to Threed in order to rescue Ness and Paula. Jeff makes a crash landing in the graveyard that wrecks the machine seemingly beyond repair, though later the trio finds that some of the citizens of Threed have pieced it back together for them as thanks. Then, after a few minor adjustments, Jeff pilots the three of them back to Winters so that Dr. Andonuts can reprogram it to fly them to Summers. However, it is there that the Sky Runner finally meets its end, smashing into nothing but shrapnel along the coast.


  • The Sky Runner itself also appears in Mother 3. It is on display in the Empire Porky Building's Hall of Memories. However, it cannot be used, and is only seen by Lucas and co. as their boat drifts by its pedestal.
  • There is a very Sky Runner-esque scene in Mother 3 after Lydia's needle is pulled. The party gets into a refrigerator on top of Snowcap Mountain, slides down the slope and flies off the ramp at the end, and soars through the sky. During this sequence, music plays that uses similar instruments to the Sky Runner theme. The song played is often mistaken to be the same theme as the one in EarthBound, but it is not.
  • The Sky Runner is known as the Sky Walker in Mother 2, but changed during localization because of possible legal trouble with LucasArts, the copyright owners of the Star Wars franchise, as Skywalker is the surname of various characters.