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Skate Punks, known as Punk Boarder (なまいきボーダー) in Japan, are enemies in EarthBound. They are members of the Sharks, along with the Yes Man Jr. and the Pogo Punk.


The Skate Punks are adolescent boys who wear gray-white sweaters; a pair of white gloves; brown-gray pants with brown suspender belts; and a pair of brown shoes. They also wear white skating helmets with shark fins on top of the head, and carry gray, futuristic-looking skateboards with them. Like their fellow Sharks gangsters, the Skate Punks wear huge, toothy grins.

They seem to carry pizzas with them, as they have a rare chance of dropping them upon defeat.


Skate Punks are young delinquents who are always spoiling for fights. They follow Frank Fly, the leader of the Sharks, but after the gang is disbanded, they can be seen loitering around Onett. As their name suggests, they also love skateboarding.


  • Bash - The Skate Punk bashes a foe, dealing low-level damage to one party member.
  • Shred fiercely on a skateboard - The Skate Punk uses his skateboard to "shred" on their foes, dealing high-level damage to one party member.
  • Call for help - The Skate Punk summons either a Yes Man Jr. or a Pogo Punk to the battle. This makes them the first enemy to do this in the game.

Skate punk with background

Skate punk as seen in game


  • The Skate Punk look is inspired by The Punks gang in the movie The Warriors (1979).
  • The Skate Punk share their battle theme with the Yes Man Jr.