"Yes... that's right. That is the song. Oh! Giegue! I loved him... I loved him, as if he was my own child... He was always wagging his tail, just like a pup... EXCEPT for when I tried to SING him lullabies... Ahhh...George! This is your wife, Maria. I'm coming to join you, my purpose is complete..."
Queen Mary

Sing ( also known as ♪Sing) is a battle function in EarthBound Beginnings. It is how various sources teach Ninten the Eight Melodies, and is used both in and out of battle by the party near the end of the game.

It is a command used both in and out of battle that is used by Ninten and friends to first Sing the completed Eight Melodies to Queen Mary and during the confrontation with Giygas: the latter can only be defeated through the use of the song. In both versions of the game, there are differences on how and when Sing may be used.

After the party receives the final part of the Eight Melodies from the XX Stone, they have to return to Magicant to sing the completed song to Queen Mary, who reveals that she is Ninten's great-grandmother and that Giygas hates lullabies, including the Eight Melodies. As she speaks, Magicant begins vanishing until only she and the party can be seen in a ruined land. She then disappears with a rush of wind, and it is revealed that Magicant was a mirage born out of Maria's consciousnesses. The party is then warped to the XX Stone, and a stone blocking a cave entrance has also vanished.

When the party confronts Giygas on Mt. Itoi and are armed with the knowledge of the Eight Melodies, they have the ability to Sing. However, it serves no purpose until Giygas' monologue finishes: if the party tries to Sing during the speech, they will always be interrupted at the first part of the song. When the speech is done, Ninten and co. are finally allowed to continue further and further into the song before being yelled at by Giygas, who demands that the cease singing and attacks with an inexplicable attack. After the Sing command is used ten times, the fight is declared finished due to Giygas' surrender.


  • It does not matter whether Lloyd or Teddy is in the party; both have the ability to Sing in the battle against Giygas.
  • The successor to the Sing command, in terms of battle functionality, is Paula's ability to Pray in EarthBound: both are required to defeat Giygas in their respective games. However, Pray is shown to cause actual damage, whereas Sing just distresses Giygas more and more. Also, Paula can Pray during any battle as long she is in the party and able to battle.
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