"Book! Can fix shyness. Thanks. Relax. I'll read to everyone. Oh! Just holding this book in my hands makes me feel like I'm overcoming my shyness already! I'll really take time to read it to everyone!"
— Leader of the Tenda tribe

The Shyness book (titled "Overcoming Shyness") is an item in EarthBound. The Tenda people are very shy, and Ness and co. attempt to get their hands on this book to make a strong Tenda move a rock blocking the access to the Lost Underworld. After rescuing Apple Kid from the Stonehenge Base, he reveals that he returned it to the Onett library. According to the village elder in the Lost Underworld, the book brought the Tenda tribes back together. After Giygas is defeated, Ness can return the book back to the Library from the Tendas and earn himself a kiss, which the woman outside the Library will comment on, saying that Ness has lipstick on his cheek. The book will also be advertised in the Twoson Tribune as a self-help guide to becoming more outgoing.

The book makes a cameo appearance in Mother 3; in a shelf in the Chimera Laboratory, interacting with one of the shelves gives text saying that there's an old book here called "Overcoming Shyness". However, it cannot be obtained.

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