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"This mutant mushroom is the muscle of this area. It is joined in battle by the regular Walking Mushrooms that you have already come to fear. The first two mushroms often get help from their sporlings."
EarthBound Player's Guide

Shrooom! is the guardian of the fourth "Your Sanctuary" location in EarthBound, Rainy Circle. It is capable of mushroomizing its enemies, similar to other mushroom enemies in the game. It is first encountered by Jeff Andonuts while he is en route to Dr. Andonuts' lab, in order to rescue Paula and Ness, but cannot be fought until later in the game, as it is Ness' sanctuary. The battle itself is relatively easy, as long as the player is lucky enough not to suffer too much from the effects of the inevitable mushroomization.


Text Displayed Power PP Possible Effects
Scattered some spores N/A 0 Mushroomizes one target
Scattered some spores N/A 0 Poisons one target
Lifeup α N/A 5 Heals 75-125 HP
Disrupted your senses N/A 0 Target cannot use PSI for a bit
Attacks Low N/A Deals one target damage


You're gonna get mushroomized. There's no way around it. If a character has been 'shroomed, try to avoid using powerful attacks like Rockin' or Big Bottle Rockets. Shrooom! can be defeated instantly by Flash, but since β is the highest form you'll have it's unlikely that the death effect will happen. It can be tempting to use Fire while Paula is mushroomized due to his weakness to it, but it is risky since it can hit your entire party. Shrooom! shouldn't be too difficult to beat without it.


  • The Earthbound Player's Guide states that Shrooom! is accompanied by Ramblin' Evil Mushrooms in battle. However in the actual boss fight in-game, he is fought alone. This is either a miss in the game, or the Player's Guide being misleading.