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Lucas standing near a body of water deep within the Shimedori Forest. Various enemies can be seen.

Shimedori Forest ( Japanese: シメドリの森 ) was a location in EarthBound 64. It isn't present in the final game as it became the Murasaki Forest.

It is radically different in design to the Murasaki Forest, it was a dense jungle area with a primarily green color-scheme, as opposed to the purple woodland theme the Murasaki Forest has. Despite this difference in design, the Shimedori Forest still housed many similar features as the Murasaki Forest did in the final game. Club Titiboo was in the center of the Shimedori Forest, a bit different as Club Titiboo was located on top of a mountain in the final game. The Factory was also present.

A location within the Shimedori Forest that was not present in the final game was the village where the Mr. Yottore would live. The Mr. Yottore were cut from the final release and so the village was also removed.


  • Shrill Snake -- A large, colorful snake that resided in the trees of the forest and would make a sound similar to maracas.
  • Jumbo -- An orange bird with red wings and blue beak. A white and blue variant and Red and yellow variant also existed but appeared in different areas of the game.
  • Shipopos -- Large purple hippos that spent their time in the water.
  • Bihito -- A large white baboon-like creature with pink skin and yellow eyes.


  • The Shimedori Forest would eventually become the Murasaki Forest when the game shifted development to the GBA.
  • Shimedori Forest translates into Hawfinch Forest.
  • In the trailer shown off at SpaceWorld 1999 there is a scene where a Clayman comes out of a body of water in the Shimedori Forest.