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"A sticky paper you can use to peel an enemy's shield away."
— Description of the Shield Snatcher in Mother 3

The Shield Killer (シールドキラー), also known as the Shield Snatcher (シールドとりがみ) in Mother 3, is a tool that first appears in EarthBound, where it is used by Jeff, and later on in Mother 3.


The Shield Killer, per its name, can remove any shield or PSI Shield from a given enemy.

EarthBound Beginnings[]

Though the item did not appear in Mother, one of Ana's PSI abilities, Shield-Off served the same exact purpose.


Jeff can use the Shield Killer after finding the Broken Pipe located on the second floor of Dr. Andonuts' Lab and repairing it. Jeff's IQ stat must be at least 30 to repair it into the Shield Killer.

Despite its useful nature, it is not guaranteed to work, making the Neutralizer more reliable at times.

Mother 3[]

The item also appears in Mother 3, where it is called the Shield Snatcher; another is used by the Masked Man (though it is called the Shield Killer). Lucas and co. can obtain the Shield Snatcher by finding all seven mice and bringing them back to their mom on the Highway as soon as Chapter 5.

The Shield Snatcher resembles a sticky hand toy, and can also remove Counters and PSI Counters in addition to shields.

Unlike the Shield Killer in Earthbound, the Shield Snatcher will always work. The Shield Snatcher has infinite uses unlike most items.