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For the Saturn Valley in Mother 3, see Saturn Valley (Mother 3).

Saturn Valley (サターンバレー, Saturn Valley) is a village in EarthBound, home to the Mr. Saturns. Ness and his friends must go through here in order to reach the third Your Sanctuary location. Saturn Valley is also located near Master Belch's base at Grapefruit Falls, where many Mr. Saturns are being used to make Fly Honey. Saturn Valley consists of many cylinder-shaped houses and unnecessary ladders. Several odd food items such as the Peanut cheese bar and Piggy Jelly can be found here. The valley is also the second-last place that Ness and friends visit in the present, before using the second version of the Phase Distorter to travel to the Cave of the Past as it exists in Ness's time. It is also the location where Ness and his friends finally part ways and say goodbye.

The hotel and hospital can both be used completely free of charge, showing the kind and giving nature of the Mr. Saturns.

Things that can be bought in Saturn Valley[]

Insecticide Spray $19
Stag Beetle $8
Refreshing Herb $80
Peanut cheese bar $22
Horn of Life $1780
Secret Herb $380
Picture postcard $2
Bionic slingshot $449
Travel Charm $60
Great Charm $400
Silver bracelet $599
Red ribbon $179