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"Ness's dog, King, might have some great manners, but none of the other dogs in town have graduated from obedience school. Watch out for them as you tour town."
Earthbound Player's Guide

Runaway Dogs (おんしらずなイヌ) are enemies in EarthBound. They are stray dogs that are encountered in Onett, Twoson and Winters. On rare occasions, they appear with Twoson's cops. During battle, Runaway Dogs can attack by biting, although they often simply make a piercing howl into the air. They are pitifully weak, and can be easily tamed. Out of the first enemies that appear in EarthBound, Runaway Dogs give the most experience, and gain Ness a low amount of money, as well as Bread Rolls. They share the same overworld sprite with the Desert Wolf, and the same in-battle theme as the Spiteful Crow. When Jeff encounters the Runaway Dogs in Winters they have a higher chance of dropping bread rolls.

It is possible that the Runaway Dog is based off of the Stray Dog enemy from EarthBound Beginnings, as they are incredibly similar to each other.



Runaway dog in front of a background

Runaway dog as seen in game

  • Make a piercing howl - The Runaway Dog howls, wasting a turn.
  • Used a biting attack - The Runaway Dog bites a party member, giving low damage.