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"The mice in the caves sometimes attack in a pack, sometimes attack solo. It doesn't matter how they mount their offensives, though, they're mean"
EarthBound Player's Guide

The Rowdy Mouse (ぐれたネズミ) is an enemy that appears in EarthBound. These small grey mice first appear in the caverns of the Giant Step, the first "Your Sanctuary" location, and are often found alongside Black Antoids and Attack Slugs.

Rowdy Mice later appear in Brick Road Maze and the cave of the Rainy Circle, the fourth "Your Sanctuary" location; in the latter, they may be paired with Attack Slugs and Struttin' Evil Mushrooms.

The Deadly Mice of the Fourside Sewers are their stronger counterparts.


Rowdy Mice frequently use weak biting attacks; the real danger lies in their absurdly high Guts stat, which means unless defeated quickly, the party may be SMAAAASHed into submission. Rowdy Mice may drop bread rolls upon defeat.

Groups with[]


  • Used a biting attack - The Rowdy Mouse bites a party member, giving low damage normally and moderate-to-high in case of a Critical Hit.