The Receiver Phone is an item in EarthBound. It is invented by Apple Kid and is similar to a cell phone, despite the fact that it can only recieves calls. The only people who call Ness using the Receiver Phone are Apple Kid, Ness's Father, Tony, and Orange Kid. Apple Kid calls about new inventions and when he is kidnapped, Ness's Father calls and asks if Ness and co. want to take a break, Orange Kid calls about his progress on a machine to unboil eggs if he is funded, and Tony calls to find out the name of the player.


  • Oddly, Ness's Father is able to call Ness before he even obtains the Receiver Phone in Twoson.
  • Ness can leave Apple Kid's house without taking the phone. If he walks in with a full inventory, gives him a food item, then takes the Broken machine from the trash can. The No Name Mouse will be unable to give Ness anything with his full inventory. However, the plot cannot be advanced until Ness receives the Receiver Phone.
  • Ninten appears to have a similar phone as well, since Ninten's Father calls Ninten if his son has not called in a while and asks if Ninten wants to take a break. The similarities also extend to the fact that Ninten also cannot make calls, although it does not take up a space in Ninten's inventory.
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