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"He has strong friends."
— In-battle check

Raeb Yddets (Bearu in Mother) are enemies encountered in EarthBound Beginnings, found only in Magicant.


In battle, Raed Yddets can appear in two positions: if it appears in the center, every time it uses its calling attack it will fail, since there's no space for an enemy to join, and if it appears in the left side, its call for help can be answered by a Sky Yddet, which is very powerful. Its battle theme is Battle With a Dangerous Foe.


  • Attack - The Raeb Yddet attacks a party member, dealing low damage.
  • Cried out for help - The Raeb Yddet calls for help, summoning a Sky Yddet.


  • Raeb Yddet is "Teddy Bear" spelled backwards.