R7037 (R•7037 in Mother) is a robot in EarthBound Beginnings that Ninten's party encounters in the Yucca Desert. It's an optional boss that guards the way to the Ruins of Desert. Under normal circumstances, it can, and will, defeat a party member in one hit. However, before it is fought, Ninten and friends can gain access to a tank, which can deflect R7037's attacks and is the only practical way to defeat it. After you defeat it, the tank breaks and can no longer be used. Upgraded versions called R7038 and R7038XX also appear in the game.


  • A robot similar to R7037 appears in the original Japanese commercial for EarthBound Beginnings. In it, it detects Ninten, Ana, and Lloyd, who then destroy it with PK Beam (presumably).
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