Punk-Sure (Japanese: パンク Punk) is a location in EarthBound, being a cycle shop located in Twoson. If Ness talks to the seller of the shop while there is nobody else is in the party, he will be given a Bicycle. If Ness talks to him again after someone else is in the party, he can return the Bicycle.


  • The name of the shop is a pun, as it can mean both "punk", referring to the seller's appearance, and "flat tire", referring to the fact that it is a bicycle shop.
  • When Ness brings back the Bicycle after he gains party members, the owner will call Ness "stubby legs" because Ness apparently has lowered the saddle of the Bicycle due to being too short to reach the pedals. The owner continues to refer to Ness as "stubby legs" for the rest of the game.
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